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Peregrinus 02:03 12-02-2019 (37 Thanks)
Originally Posted by ThePanjandrum:
Nevertheless, the United Kingdom is neither a unitary state, a federation or a confederation. Can you name another country like the UK where constituent countries are given a power of Veto.
Oh gosh, yes. The US Constitution cannot be amended without the approval of threee-fourths of the state legislatures. The Australian constitution cannot be amended without the approval of a majority of the electorate nationally and a majority of the electorate in a majority of the states. Amendments to the Canadian constitution require approval from the legislatures of two-thirds of the provinces.

If the countries that make up the UK were treated in the same was as the states of the US, the provinces of Canada or the states of Australia, the application of any of these rules would have meant that the Brexit referendum would have been lost.

And that's just in the Anglosphere. I'm sure if you broaden your search to look at other states made up of constituent countries, or where power is dispersed to different countries or regions within the state, you'll find many similar arrangements.
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