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M.T. Cranium 07:02 12-02-2019 (70 Thanks)
Tuesday, 12 February, 2019

Forecasts for Ireland

TODAY ... Mostly cloudy, although some brighter intervals likely for eastern counties, outbreaks of light rain (2-5 mm) more persistent in west, central, northern counties. Mild, highs near 11 C.

TONIGHT ... Gradual clearing, southerly breezes will keep it mild at 4 to 7 C (possibly a bit higher near south and west coasts).

WEDNESDAY ... Some hazy sunshine at times, mild. Lows 4 to 7 C and highs 11 to 13 C. Moderate southerly breezes 40 to 60 km/hr.

THURSDAY ... Partly cloudy, very mild, moderate southerly winds 50 to 70 km/hr. Lows 3 to 6 C, highs 11 to 13 C. Patchy light rain in west by late in the day.

FRIDAY ... Rain at times, mild. Highs near 12 C. Some clearing and turning colder by evening and overnight. Saturday morning lows around -1 C.

SATURDAY ... Partly cloudy, outbreaks of light rain, moderate southwest winds, a bit cooler than recent days, highs 7 to 9 C.

OUTLOOK ... Somewhat colder Sunday and Monday, frequent rain and moderate southwest winds, highs 8 to 10 C.

FURTHER OUTLOOK ... Blustery with frequent showers and near normal temperatures with a slightly colder theme later in the month.

My local weather on Monday was partly cloudy to overcast with a bit of light snow during the early morning hours but dry since then, still very cold at -5 C for our maximum. We are now into day eight of near-record cold here, lake not yet frozen (it has not frozen since 1979) so that's the big weather story for my little corner of the world. Heavy snow again near the coast in the larger urban areas such as Vancouver, Victoria BC and Seattle towards Portland WA. Some of that may spread back north to give us a few centimetres later on today. Bands of rain, sleet and snow (from coast to interior mountains) for the eastern U.S. and lower Great Lakes region.
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