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iamwhoiam 08:36 12-02-2019 (267 Thanks)
Originally Posted by blue note:
What's the story with this? I sent for a run last night. I was almost entirely in black and I didn't realise that until I started looking at the people I was running past. There were a decent few walkers wearing hi vis jackets. They were going for a walk, putting on their running gear, and then throwing on a hi vis vest. Then they're walking around a town, with footpaths and streetlights on every road.

I just wonder why? I drive and have never said thank you to someone in my head for wearing a high vis vest on a footpath. I wasn't going to drive there anyway.

It's obviously very different if you're in an area without streetlights or footpaths.
Well done to them for being intelligent and smart . I presume they cross the road occasionally
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