After Hours>Wear can I get Tanora in Dublin.
zoom_cool 11:18 25-06-2012
Does anybody know where Tanora is stocked in Dublin or do I need to get a crate load from the (PRC) Peoples Repiblic of Cork. :D
FatherLen 11:22 25-06-2012
wtf is tanora?
SEPT 23 1989 11:24 25-06-2012
Was that stuff not taken off the shelf when a load of hillbilllys went blind?
Mr. CooL ICE 11:24 25-06-2012 (1 Thanks)
If you have a mate that's a plumber, ask him to save the contents of a blocked drain in a can for you. Its pretty much the same thing
chin_grin 11:26 25-06-2012
You can, it's called red tk/lucozade/irn bru/pish.
snubbleste 11:27 25-06-2012
Judging by all the ugg boot wearing oompa loompas hanging around the Dundrum retail mecca, they must be selling it there.
dr.bollocko 11:32 25-06-2012
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