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After Hours>Say Something Nice About The Mods.
misterbizmuth 01:08 12-02-2019
Originally Posted by StinkyMunkey:
Being a mod means a large part of your job is explaining to tards why they can't be tards, it's a thankless job and I don't envy them.
I sincerely hope a bigger part of their job is removing people who describe others as "tards" or use the word "tards" in any concept whatsoever between people who don't drag their knuckles when they walk. Or swing between branches.

Happily a job I would do without your thanks or your envy :rolleyes:
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Junkyard Tom 01:22 12-02-2019 (1 Thanks)
A while back I read that one of the former mods got rape and death threats and decided to behave myself and be cooperative from then on. I suppose I was ignorant to the level of grief they put up with.
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Cookie_Monster 03:58 12-02-2019
Originally Posted by dolanbaker:
Wow, this thread is a bit of a trip down memory lane with all the names I've not seen for years.
Tell me about it.

A thread by Pighead on AH, thought I was in for some delightful witty reading, but no it's from 14 years ago :(
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pleas advice 05:38 12-02-2019
... some, I assume, are good people
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Beasty 10:08 12-02-2019 (2 Thanks)
Originally Posted by A Tyrant Named Miltiades!:
Hardly. It's not something you'd stick on your CV or admit in public.
It's the first thing on my CV....

....not that I've needed my CV for over 30 years though, and indeed don't have any intention of needing it again

Still it's there, at the top

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Avatar MIA 12:16 12-02-2019 (1 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Beasty:
It's the first thing on my CV....

I Someone I know actually had it on my their CV when applying for a role that regulated the industry I they were moding :D Was offered the role too, but didn't jump.
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rgodard80a 12:39 12-02-2019
Originally Posted by Pighead:
Say Something Nice About The Mods.
They were better than the rockers.
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