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After Hours>Turn down two houses and you're off the list
Fiftyfilthy 14:22 14-02-2019 (1 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Deebles McBeebles:
Doesn't sound great, even for free.

Imagine some poor, unsuspecting tourists showing up in the place.

Was that before or after the “homeless” moved in? Wonder if the mattresses and fixture and fittings were fine beforehand....
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Deebles McBeebles 14:24 14-02-2019
18th May 2018, not sure how long they have had homeless staying there.

Off topic, 1,024, I love that number
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the_syco 17:27 14-02-2019 (1 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Sweet.Science:
People describing hotels as hell on Earth. For gods sake.
Just to clarify this; homeless hotels are often places that were once hotels, and are still classed as hotels, but are no longer hotels. They can be just buildings with rooms where people don't have kitchens. Leaving them classed as hotels means that they don't need kitchen facilities that would be a minimum in apartments. Likewise when people are housed in homeless hostels and B&B's.

Although actual hotels/hostels/B&B's do take in homeless from time to time, the difference is that they still take in tourists; the homeless hotels wouldn't, and wouldn't have done so for quite some time.

Originally Posted by end of the road:
those people standing at the door are ultimately real customers as well. the government are paying for them to be in the hotel, but ultimately it's no different to an employer paying for an employee to stay over night in a hotel. the guest is having their room bill paid for.
Actually, it can be different. Government are most likely paying a bulk flat rate, whereas an employees employer would have to pay the weekend rate at the weekend.
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