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After Hours>Obesity crisis in Ireland Mod Note post 1
Le Bruise 21:35 Yesterday (1 Thanks)
Originally Posted by silverharp:
if you want a check against bmi , an alternative is that your waist should be at or less than 50% of your height
I’m actually bang on with that calculation! Will go with that in future. :)
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wakka12 22:11 Yesterday (1 Thanks)
Every european country clearly has loads of fat people. Hardly that much of a rare occurence outside the UK and ireland
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nice_guy80 22:33 Yesterday
Why is McDonald's seen as a treat for kids for just getting through the school week?
I just cannot understand the phenomenon.
I'd bring a child to the pool, park, indoor play centre, playground, any place before a fast food outlet

Most people will lose weight if they just stop eating crap and eating too much
Exercise helps after that
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