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After Hours>Say Something Nice About The Mods.
Pighead 21:23 06-12-2005 (1 Thanks)
Anybody whos been following the daily soap opera that is boards will have noticed that the Mods have been getting a hard time lately from the plebs. The General and Ratboy are the latest in a long line of boardsters who've tried to fight the power.

In the last month they've been called Cretins, Little Hitlers, Egotistical Power Hungry Nerds and worst of all Ninnys. And that was just Rozie having a go. Although the Mods quickly and decisively crush any would be revolutionary all these jibes and barbs have got to sting just a little bit. Surely even the thickest skinned Mod must be affected by all this horrible name calling.

Pigheads had his fair share of run ins with the Mods but at the end of the day you have to move on. As its almost Christmas Pighead is attempting to create a thread to give the Mods a bit of hope and to maybe raise their spirits. Seeing as this is After Hours I shall only deal with the AH Mods

Example of Monty-The one and only being nice
Ever the gent Monty compliments Stephen on the quality of his post before he locks the thread. Gent

Example of the fnj being nice
I like puppies
Eh, Pighead might have made that one up. Who the fcuk is the fnj? Probably a lovely chap

Example of Trojan being nice
Even when conversing with prisoner scum, Trojan minds his manners. Geezer

Example of nesf being nice:
Answering Macattacks desperate plea for some Mind Maps. Top Bloke

Example of WhiteWashMan being nice:
Given Prior a quick English lesson before a banning. Generous to a fault

Example of Giblet being nice:
................................. Pigheads gonna come back to this one

Eh this post is finished. Pighead has to go off and do something important.
Happy Christmas Mods.
Stay strong buddies.
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blackwashman 21:26 06-12-2005
Ruggie Bear is a lovely fella who's a bit of ratboy and the general friendly mod. Love the guy.
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johnny_ultimate 21:27 06-12-2005
I always liked Nesf's avatar. It's cool.
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BlitzKrieg 21:29 06-12-2005

(give me your love you plebs!)
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Setun 21:30 06-12-2005

Ah Ratboy, my secret hero. If only....

ho hum
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Rantorama 21:33 06-12-2005
Their mum thinks their cool:v:
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Shabadu 21:33 06-12-2005
/me waits for nesf to raise eyebrow.
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Steveire 21:38 06-12-2005
Pighead rules.
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scojones 21:38 06-12-2005
Originally Posted by Pighead:
Seeing as this is After Hours I shall only deal with the AH Mods
You FAIl the retardation that is your third person posting.
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Pighead 21:41 06-12-2005 (1 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Shabadu:
/me waits for nesf to raise eyebrow.
Shabadu, play nice. That should read: /me waits for nesf to raise his lovely eyebrow.
C'mon shabs give the lad a break.
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BlitzKrieg 21:42 06-12-2005
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Diarmsquid 21:45 06-12-2005
Victor is a nice guy, always gives people a chance to redeem themselves and show him that they shouldn't be banned.
Very helpful too.

And of course Rozabeez, Flashling and PFM are very cool in general.
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Chong 21:49 06-12-2005
I love the thread pighead you have certainly a new leaf over the past few months eh?? :)

I have to say I like licking ass over at the feedback forum but not in AH.
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Rb 21:50 06-12-2005
They'VE all got lovely bottoms :D

EDIT: Bollocks, how did that happen
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Piste 21:51 06-12-2005
Oh PFM is evil incarnate :)

I find most of the Hmods, Smods, Cmods and Admins to be very lovely people.

Originally Posted by rb_ie:
They're all got lovely bottoms :D
Oh the grammar. I fear that you are killing and raping the English Language.
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