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After Hours>What book are you reading atm??
dikdaan 22:28 16-08-2011 (10 Thanks)
Shantaram - long read, but excellent
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galwayash 22:28 16-08-2011 (12 Thanks)
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsoon

The trilogy is amazing. Highly recommended.
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py2006 22:29 16-08-2011 (2 Thanks)
Originally Posted by 73Cat:
The Dark Tower does take a bit of effort, and the ending was a bit unexpected, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. The only book I had to give up on was Dreamcatcher, got about 300 odd pages in, and couldn't take it anymore. The first book of his I read was Misery, got it as a gift for Christmas '87. Hooked ever since. His short story collections are brilliant too. One story totally freaked the head off me. Can't remember the name of it but the movie "Sometimes They come Back", was based on it. It's about a guy who picks up a hitchhiker. I'll say no more, in case you haven't read it;)
ACtually, he is probably at his best with his short stories!! He is a huge advocate of the craft and tries to promote it! He believes its a dying art!
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Chipped Nails 22:37 16-08-2011
Dick Francis - Under Orders, just a few chapters in and I wouldn't recommend it. Its one of those books that seems like the word count was padded out just to make it paper back size.
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JerryHandbag 22:44 16-08-2011
Rory Gallagher biography, written by Jean-Noel Coghe. Just a few chapters left, coming up to the part where he dies :(

I'm off on holidays next week, where I will attempt to read Ulysses (or at least just start it!)
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GLaDOS 22:47 16-08-2011 (1 Thanks)
Currently reading Sourcery by Terry Pratchett. Reading a few of his before continuing a Song of Fire and Ice with "Dance of Dragons"

Also a big Stephan King fan :) First Author I really got into.
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x_Ellie_x 22:47 16-08-2011 (1 Thanks)
I started The Burning by Jane Casey yesterday. The author is from Dublin and she writes crime. She's released three books so far and this is her second book. I loved the first one and so far I'm liking the second. I'm already 200 pages into the story.
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Ms. Chanandler Bong 22:49 16-08-2011
I'm reading two, the first in Karen Miller's Godspeakers trilogy called Empress, & One Day because I saw an ad for the film & I thought it looked interesting but I prefer the book to the film pretty much every time (abiding memories of the mess that was The Bone Collector have ruined my faith in Hollywood's adapting skills...:()
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Frank Black 22:51 16-08-2011 (4 Thanks)

and yes I would recommend.
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Toby Take a Bow 22:52 16-08-2011
Lean On Pete by Willy Vlautin. Seems like a very talented guy, not only a highly acclaimed writer, but in a (reasonably) well-known band too.

And it's a pretty good read, alright. So, yeah, I'd recommend it (but maybe don't buy into all the hype that surrounded it with Eileen Battersby's swooning review).

I've just finished it, so will be reading some short stories tonight (more than likely from that Granta American Short Fiction or Somerset Maugham) before I decide what I'm reading tomorrow.
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Corkfeen 22:53 16-08-2011 (2 Thanks)
"Catch Me if You Can" by Frank Abagnale, it could come in awfully handy if I can build a time machine, go back to the sixties and become a con artist. :D
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Krusader 22:56 16-08-2011 (1 Thanks)
Just finished, Game of Thrones last week, didn't watch the series until the weekend, ordered the other 4 off Amazon and waiting. Long books but cracking story so far
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Toby Take a Bow 22:58 16-08-2011 (7 Thanks)
Originally Posted by stupidusername:
I'm on If I Did It - OJ Simpsons confession book, i'm not into it much though, so might just skip it. would like any recommendations for true crime if anyone has any?
Papillon is supposed to be amazing and I've been meaning to read it for ages (which gives me an idea as to what to read next). Not sure how 'true' it is, though.
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Red Hand 23:00 16-08-2011 (5 Thanks)
Dune by Frank Herbert.
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steve9859 23:00 16-08-2011 (9 Thanks)
Originally Posted by g'em:
Originally Posted by py2006:
Yep, his older books are sheer brilliance! Some of the new stuff is a bit dull! But he has an incredible command of the English language!
Cujo was the first King book I ever read, a loooong time ago now, at least *mumble* years :pac: Absolutely terrifying, I couldn't look my dog in the eye for weeks after :o
My childhood reading was defined by Salems Lot, Christine. and Cujo. But the best of all was 'It'. A marathon at 1000 odd pages, but just the most brilliant and imaginative story I have ever read. Bar none. And I've reaf a lot! In fact, I think I am going to get onto Amazon and give it another go
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