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After Hours>Information for those in need of a little extra help *READ OP BEFORE POSTING*
whoopsadaisydoodles 13:49 13-11-2013 (286 Thanks)
There are a lot of folk out there who are struggling a little more than they should be for various reasons. There is help out there for families who are worried about christmas, worried about the rent, or just worried about where their next meal is coming from.

We would like to put together a list of resources for those in need. It needs to be a community effort in order to try and make it as nationally beneficial as possible so we would be very grateful if you could post details of known resources and their location, below.

I will update the OP with the details as they are posted.

This is not a general discussion thread. Please keep chat to a minimum.

Financial/homelessness/food services

Simon Community (national)
St. Vincent De Paul (national)
MABS (national)
Focus Ireland (national)
Crosscare Foodbank (Dublin)
Citizens Information(national)
Barnardos (national)
Sonas Housing (National)
Capuchin Day Centre
Coolmine Dat Centre (Dublin)
HSE (National)
Family Resource Centres
Peter McVerry Trust
The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
Larkin Unemployed Centre"

Depression/Mental Health/Suicide

The Samaritans (national)
Pieta House (Dublin, Limerick, Tipperary) (National)
Grow (national)
Teenline (national)
1 life
Alcoholics Anonymous (National)
Gamblers Anonymous (National)

Domestic Violence

AMEN (National)
Womens Aid (national)
Clare Haven (Clare)
Adapt Services (Limerick)

LGBT services

salacious crumb 15:30 13-11-2013 (16 Thanks)
uch 16:12 13-11-2013 (12 Thanks)
weisses 17:26 13-11-2013 (12 Thanks)

Sounds obvious but still
weisses 17:31 13-11-2013 (4 Thanks)
The Dom 18:19 13-11-2013 (29 Thanks)
Can personally vouch for the Capuchin Day Centre on Bow St (beside the Jameson Distillery) at the back of St Kevin's .

They provide free meals, no questions asked, from around midday until 2pm, 365 days a year.

So if you're in any way embarrassed (not that you should be) about needing help, it's a good place to at least make sure you get a good meal, as it's just like a canteen setting and you can come and go as you please.
Jake1 18:34 13-11-2013 (10 Thanks)
The Samaritans, if you need to talk to someone

You can call Samaritans for free in Ireland on
116 123
Menas 20:12 13-11-2013 (10 Thanks)
Woman's shelter.
Chucken 21:29 13-11-2013 (10 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Trigger Happy:
Woman's shelter.
To add to this: *Clare* *Limerick*
Fr_Dougal 21:56 13-11-2013 (5 Thanks)
whoopsadaisydoodles 22:07 13-11-2013 (2 Thanks)
Thanks guys, I'll update OP when I'm at a computer :)
MadsL 01:51 14-11-2013 (21 Thanks)
Christmas can be a difficult time for many. Pieta House offer free counselling for those contemplating suicide or other self-harm.
Chucken 14:27 14-11-2013 (9 Thanks)
Tombi! 18:06 14-11-2013 (7 Thanks)
Might be of help to some.
McChubbin 18:12 14-11-2013 (10 Thanks)
I'd like to add and GROW to this list- both very good facilities that deal with the struggles of mental health issues.
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