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After Hours>I don't know where we're going, but I know where I am (part 6).
Trigger Happy 11:44 03-02-2019 (3 Thanks)
My toes are cold. Going out and about this morning was not the best idea.
Movies and fire and couch for the afternoon methinks.
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Edward M 12:24 03-02-2019 (9 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Graces7:
as I was saying

"In from out. My first walk for a while and a short one, and bitter cold. In all FOUR of my cats were followers at various stages... And not a soul stirring.

Soon will be able for the boreen down to the shore but still miss the dog who reveled in that walk."

Since then lit fire etc and scorched the email programme with a reply to an official letter...

abed resting listening to a cat snore
That's my problem in bed too Grace's, in bed I have to listen to a big kitty snoring.
It's funny the romantic notions people get with teddy's and kitty's, put the two of us together in bed and between farting and snoring it's a noisy spot, let alone when there's any hanky panky.
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Witchie 12:50 03-02-2019 (22 Thanks)
Slowly coming back to life after a day nursing a hangover.

Got 2 of my mates to come review a bar with me and we then went on a pub crawl. 2 of us ended up at an all night bar and went home at 6am.

I'm mid forties, she is in her 50's. Will we ever grow up?
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Kitty6277 13:22 03-02-2019 (11 Thanks)
Kitchenside, almost ready to head to Limerick for the night. I have so many bags you’d swear I was moving in! (One has my stuff for the night and a change of clothes for tomorrow, one has my stuff for the gym after college tomorrow and one has my laptop/books/lunch for college)
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Shoesdayschild 13:23 03-02-2019 (8 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Edward M:
Red or black? They’re lunatics but beautiful looking animals. Hope all went well, and remember, friends not food.
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smurfjed 13:27 03-02-2019 (10 Thanks)
Sitting here listening to 3 people fighting on the phone to get me a seat on a passenger flight

Fun thing is I don’t care if I get on or not
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aspiewriter 13:33 03-02-2019 (6 Thanks)
bedside in Carlow, listening to himself snore beside me, he looks so peaceful:)
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lbc2019 13:44 03-02-2019 (6 Thanks)
On a tram in Manchester heading to pub beside the Emptyhad
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Samsgirl 14:07 03-02-2019 (10 Thanks)
Have three extra minions over for a play date. Pure carnage...
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TG1 14:09 03-02-2019 (15 Thanks)
Still bed, feeling a bit rough but have a silly grin on my face as apparently my niece was looking at a weather app, and her dad pointed to Wexford and said there's sun there. Apparently she thought about it for a minute and said oh I could go on another holiday with auntie tg1 so. :)
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x Purple Pawprints x 14:48 03-02-2019 (7 Thanks)
Ooh, shiny new thread!

I'm couch side in the staff room having tea. Off my lunch break at 3.05. I finish at 7. Then one more 12 hour shift.
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black forest 15:02 03-02-2019 (19 Thanks)
Deskside and looking out the window into another grey and wet Sunday, but...

...still having a nice afterglow thinking about yesterdays evening. Was staying at a friends place, eating two bowls of spaghetti carbonara, having two cola rum, helping the nearly 4 year old slightly mentally challenged youngest lad building a boat out of used PET bottles and laughing about the flooded bathroom floor later on when he had his unobserved launch and tried to mitigate the disaster with a whole roll of toilet paper.;)

When all four minions were put to bed having good craig with his mom and dad watching an episode of „Bones“ and the young Captain Kirk on the SciFi channel before i headed home on my bike.

Cycling through the unusual mild night with no wind was a little bit like a zen meditation. The dark shadow of an owl overtaking me without a sound. Stopped right in the middle of the fields for a few minutes to contemplate live, getting my eyes adjusted to the darkness and seeing all the reflected lights of the neighboroughing villages from the low hanging clouds and listening to the silence.

Enough low key poetry, back to today’s real life. :P

Packing two parcels for tomorrows post run and looking at the offerings of my nearly empty fridge. What can i mix for getting an eatable dinner? And browsing made-in-china for a cheap e bike. I’m getting a bit lazy lately...

Just a normal weekend. :D
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Graces7 15:16 03-02-2019 (9 Thanks)
listening to sweet rain and thankful for milder weather as I finish here.. happy Sunday evening everyone..!
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Trigger Happy 15:43 03-02-2019 (10 Thanks)
I ended up doing beer and football for the afternoon.
Have got a fear of Monday in the pit of my stomach...not sure why as No pressure at work at the moment.
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wally1990 15:45 03-02-2019 (15 Thanks)
Having a can of Guinness watching the football... Not a supporter of any club today but love the football

Roast chicken dinner in the oven and herself in bed asleep hungover

Chilling I am.. :)
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