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After Hours>Minister for Health Simon Harris and family trapped in home by protesters.
Omackeral 15:52 10-02-2019 (1 Thanks)
Some headline. Anti-austerity protesters have gathered outside the home of Minister for Health Simon Harris this afternoon.
According to the Harris, his wife and their young baby were in their Wicklow home when up to 20 protestors arrived outside this morning.

His spokesperson said in a statement that they are all currently still inside the house and that the situation is ongoing.

"Minister, his wife and three-week-old daughter remain inside while they await the arrival of the gardaí."

Gardaí have reportedly been in contact and are on their way to the minister's Wicklow home.

The protests come following Harris being under intense public scrutiny in recent weeks.

Story here.
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Jaelynn Round Pirate 15:55 10-02-2019 (446 Thanks)
That is an absolutely scummy thing to do.
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Atlantic Dawn 15:56 10-02-2019 (175 Thanks)
That's below the belt, by all means protest outside government buildings but not outside his home.
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dudara 15:57 10-02-2019 (88 Thanks)
If true, that’s simply not on. I understand that he only recently became a father in January and therefore has a newborn at home.

How would those protestors feel if they were intimidated at their own homes?
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Omackeral 15:58 10-02-2019 (10 Thanks)
Originally Posted by donkeyoaty0099:
That is an absolutely scummy thing to do.
Yeah but the gubberment like. Country's a joke n all.
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Maryanne84 16:00 10-02-2019 (29 Thanks)
It’s ended now. Disgraceful behavior, especially where a newborn baby is involved.
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OldMrBrennan83 16:00 10-02-2019 (2 Thanks)
Absolutely idiotic and undermines any cause, if it happened. Not seen anything official on whether it's true or not though, you know how stories like this can spread so easily.

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_Brian 16:01 10-02-2019 (62 Thanks)
This doesn’t surprise me.

Can see from water protests onward that there are a very low class mixing with genuine protesters looking for nothing but a cover story to cause trouble and have a go, they’ve no “greater good” in mind, just trouble.

Following politicians home and intimidation of their families is real bad form and discredits all protesters.

Shame on whoever is doing this
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Dónal 16:01 10-02-2019 (24 Thanks)
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Wheeliebin30 16:02 10-02-2019 (23 Thanks)
What do we expect nowadays?

Protestors egged on by political parties and the media as if it’s ok to target politicians because their the bogey men.

Who would want to become a politician nowadays?

Maybe that’s why they are so inept.

Oh don’t forget John Connors who has a free pass to call our reps scum on live TV without any repercussion.

The future is bright.
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super_furry 16:02 10-02-2019 (42 Thanks)
What kind of braindead gob****es are they? Instead of the nurses strike, the children's hospital or the smear-test scandal, tomorrow everyone will be talking about Harris being trapped inside his house with new-born child while a gang of thugs try to make some half-arsed point.

They take the spotlight off what he should be doing, they garner him massive sympathy and ultimately, help him keep his job.
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spurious 16:03 10-02-2019 (69 Thanks)
More of the scumbaggery that surrounded Joan Burton in her car.

Very organised and not at all a spontaneous act.
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Hurrache 16:03 10-02-2019 (43 Thanks)
Anti everything that has to be paid for from their own pockets as classy as ever.
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Plumbthedepths 16:04 10-02-2019 (8 Thanks)
That's convenient.....
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Dakotabigone 16:06 10-02-2019 (1 Thanks)
The heat about the hospital is off him temporarily.
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