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raze_them_all_ 07:28 30-08-2018 (1 Thanks)
Originally Posted by froog:
update: i've given it another 6 or so hours, finally figured out that everyone is using SOS for multiplayer (this needs to be fixed, i came across this knowledge by complete accident on some forum) and had some fun taking down legiana, the rocky dude and one of the forest big dragons in groups. still getting my head around armour, when exactly you get the various bonuses etc and the investigation/bounty system is still a bit of a mystery. the coop fights were easy mode compared to solo.

i'll keep going.
Press I think it is select when you are looking at your character, go to bonuses and if you scroll down in the middle of the window it will tell you the conditions they need to proc
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YouSavedMyLife 19:15 30-08-2018
You need to get to High Rank before the armour system really comes into play. I think high rank starts when you pull Pink Rathian, or it could be the Zorah Magdaros fight, I forget.

Also what weapon are you using. I know the game should be fun with all weapons but stuff like the dual blades and bow are super basic.

Where stuff like the glaive, switch axe and charge blade are more complex and have more options move wise. And are more fun to use imo Ofcourse you could get through the whole game using only 1 attack button on any given weapon. Loom at Dark Souls. Get a longsword and use R1 and roll. Easy
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