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After Hours>The greatest Irish song of all time
PTH2009 01:19 17-09-2018 (2 Thanks)
This is a great Irish song

The clip from one of the 80s reeling in the years episodes with this playing in the background brings a tear to the eye
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gammygils 02:41 17-09-2018 (1 Thanks)
Heads Are Gonna Roll by The Stunning. My favourite Stunning track

Cathleen (A Beautiful Irish Girl) - Phil Lynott

Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers. The way our country used to be back then

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ANDREWMUFC 03:12 17-09-2018 (2 Thanks)
Parting glass - Ronnie drew
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pleas advice 03:35 17-09-2018 (2 Thanks)
Originally Posted by timthumbni:
Actually the song Carrickfergus is an amazing one too. Well I’m drunk now and I’m seldom sober.....
And the only time I'm feeling right is when I'm into drinking
It eases off the pain of it and levels out my thinking

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