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RayCun 09:39 17-09-2018 (12 Thanks)
Saturday - 9k tempo
An object lesson in the limitations of Garmins. I was running with another guy around a lap that is roughly 1k. My watch beeped a few seconds earlier each lap, and tells me I ran 9.1k in total. His beeped a few seconds later each lap, so he had to run an extra 100m to get to 10k. Which was right? Who knows. We'd both planned to run about 3:50/51, but the upshot was that I ran a bit faster than usual, 3:48 average. On my watch at least.

Sunday - 20 miles, including 8 at marathon pace
Under some time pressure this morning so was out early to get a few miles in before meeting the gang. Down through Ballyfermot to the park again, about 8 miles when we stopped opposite Donore.
Last week two of us were tailing a faster guy as he pulled us along at roughly MP. This week he had faster company and went off for his own MP section, while three (and then two) of us worked together. Along Conyngham Road again, in Parkgate Street and onto the route, this time going out through Castleknock and back in the Knockmaroon gate. I did the last k on my own through the Glen and down towards the gate, ending just inside the park. A little slow overall, and not quite matching the effort levels to the inclines correctly, but a decent run.
4 miles home, more or less, including that hill up to Ballyfermot :(
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RayCun 09:02 20-09-2018 (10 Thanks)
Monday - 6k recovery at lunch, platelet donation in the evening

Tuesday - 14 x 200, 200 jog recovery
I was thinking of continuing the interval progression from previous weeks, but instead looked up the Magness plan to see what sessions he has this far out - short intervals again.
Usual thing of diverting to Eamonn Ceannt park on the way to work, a few sprints to wake up, and laps around the park. Fair amount of variation in times - 37, 40, 41, 40, 39, 40, 42, 37, 41, 42, 36, 41, 38, 37 - depending on drags and turns. No time for adjusting pace on these anyway. Managed to miscount them and thought I was done after 13, so that was a walk recovery, with the last 200 outside the park.
Fairly wrecked on the jog into work, and didn't notice the broken paving stone on Macken Street until I'd tripped over it :rolleyes: Rolling landing to get some nice grazes on my elbow and hip :rolleyes:

Wednesday - longish run
Extended again, but again by not as much as I'd expected. Ran out to Clonskeagh as usual, then ran through the park along the Dodder to come out on Milltown Road at Alexandra College, and run the route from there. I knew there was a hill there and wanted to practice it. I thought it went on for much longer - it's only 100m long, and not even that steep - I remembered it as being harder. Then all gradual downhill to the junction and around the corner. I suppose the other side of it is that the climb in Clonskeagh starts a little earlier, before the bridge over the Dodder. But altogether it's only 25m, over 2.5km - Chesterfield avenue up to Castleknock is the same overall gradient, a steadier drag where Clonskeagh is a bit bumpier.
Anyway, only 22k altogether, so next week I'll do 2 laps of the UCD section instead. Pace was okay, easy until the marathon route and then I guess steady, but I wasn't looking for a particular pace, just running well.

Thursday - very easy 8k into work
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Murph_D 16:35 20-09-2018
Is platelet donation similar to blood donation, and if so would you not do it before an easy day?
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RayCun 16:41 20-09-2018 (2 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Murph_D:
Is platelet donation similar to blood donation, and if so would you not do it before an easy day?
It has less of an effect, as I understand it.
They don't take the red blood cells, so oxygen-carrying capacity is unchanged, the only real effect is on blood volume.
:confused: I think :confused:

I don't have a lot of flexibility in my schedule anyway - session goes before long run, and I can't do long run on Thursdays because that's when juvenile training is on and I have to be home on time, and Friday is too close to the weekend sessions, so it have to do the session on Tuesday to run long on Wednesday to get home on Thursday.

Then I end up working late on Thursday :rolleyes:
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davedanon 16:43 20-09-2018 (2 Thanks)
Originally Posted by Murph_D:
Is platelet donation similar to blood donation, and if so would you not do it before an easy day?
Not similar, in that they only take platelets, which aid clotting, and not red cells. This means that, theoretically, there is no detrimental effect on training afterwards. I'll let Ray comment definitively on that, because my experience was with the old Plasma programme, now discontinued. I didn't have a high enough count for the platelet programme, whereas the other half did, which is why she has an enormous number of contributions - twice as many as me now, since the advent of my running 'career' means I am loath to ever donate these days, because there's some always some or training/racing issue looming.
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davedanon 16:43 20-09-2018
Ah, already answered.
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RayCun 09:51 Today (5 Thanks)
Thursday PM - very easy home from work

Friday - 8k into work

Saturday - daughter's birthday, and I was forbidden from going to the club tempo session:o. Had planned to do a split tempo on my own instead, but I'm deep into September tiredness so just went for an easy run instead. Took about half an hour to start feeling human again.

Sunday - Wings and lamb shawarma kebabs are not ideal food for the night before a run. Took this one easy too, but could feel what was left of the food in my stomach for at least an hour:o. Long run around Tymon and up to Bohernabreena, nice and easy, getting a bit faster when I turned for the downhill and started getting closer to home. 33.5k, my longest training run ever afaik.

Just two and a half weeks of heavy training left really, and then will start cutting back...
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