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RayCun 13:56 14-04-2010
I've been posting here long enough, thought I might as well start one of these...

So... male, 38, running about 6 months now. My OH did the couch to 5k last summer, leading up to the Rathfarnham road race, and got me to do it too, leading up to the Jingle Bells run in Phoenix Park.

Naturally, the assumption is that if you start running (especially planning to run a marathon) at my age, it's a mid-life crisis, but I deny the charge. It's just the kids are old enough to give me a little more free time, and all this office work has had it's impact on my waist. But maybe that's what they all say.

But anyway, running suits me because it's easy enough to fit into my schedule (he says before he starts doing LSRs). No driving to the gym, no arranging times with other people, no need to talk to other people at all :)

My usual runs are home from work, which is either 4.5 or 5.4 miles depending on route, and a 3 mile loop starting at my house. I really have to get more disciplined about my pacing - usually I start off fast, slow down gradually towards the middle, and speed up again near the end. Yesterday was supposed to be my last longish run before Sunday so I stayed 9.30+ until about halfway, but then got bored so was around 8.30 the rest of the way home. (and yes, that is me running fast)
I won't be able to do this kind of thing on LSRs.

Races so far -
Jingle bells 5k - about 27/28 minutes (official time was 29.something, but the start and finish were very congested, no chip timing)
Raheny 5 mile - 46.34
MSB St Patricks Day 5k - 25.12

Upcoming -
Great Ireland Run on Sunday, Sportsworld 5 mile in May, then the Adidas race series and the DCM

Haven't decided yet on the plan for the marathon. On the one hand, I might go for a 4.30 pace. I'm pretty sure I could do it (assuming I keep up the training and don't get injured), and it would be nice to have a pacing group to run with. For my first marathon, the safe thing would be to set a low(er) target. On the other hand, I'm still on the easy uphill of training, so a sub-4 should be a possibility. And I might end up just spliiting the difference - forget the pacing groups, and make myself a pacing band for 4.15. decisions, decisions...
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earnyourturns 19:07 14-04-2010
Good stuff dude looking forward to reading about your progress towards the start line of the DCM. Enjoy the experience :)
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RayCun 08:57 15-04-2010
2.41 miles in 25.39

After Tuesday's foolishness I've been feeling my right knee a little, so I took it very easy this morning. That's my last run before Sunday, I hope I haven't sabotaged myself...
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RayCun 22:17 18-04-2010
Great Ireland Run - 53:45

Pretty happy with that, overall. In the last couple of races I've run (Raheny 5 mile and MSB 5k) I've finished feeling that I had plenty of energy left, enough to really pick up the pace in the last 500 metres. But while sprinting to the finish is fun, it's probably not very efficient - however fast I manage to finish, it's probably only going to take 10/20 seconds off my overall time. So today, I tried to push myself all around the course, and have practically nothing left at the end. And I pretty much managed it, I felt I was going pretty fast through the first 5k, and didn't let off too much in the hilly second half.

Bad points -
It was pretty congested all the way around. Lots of walkers/very slow runners in the first half, people who really shouldn't have been in front of me given I started in the 45-55 group. But even once they'd been left behind, I had to watch the traffic all the way - some people getting knocked out by the hills, others getting their second wind and passing me out - it was pass and be passed all the way to the end. Keeps you alert, but kind of distracting, and the dodging and weaving added a fair amount to the distance I ran.
Like an idiot, I managed to mess up using my (new) Garmin. Instead of starting a new run, I was continuing Thursday's run, so I didn't have a time/distance reading all the way around. Did have a pace reading though, which was reassuring. But I don't get to check my splits from the day, which is a pain in the arse.

Good points
The organisation was good, the km markers were big, the water station efficient (thought there'd be another before the end though), the postrace tags/bags/meeting points all good.
Under 54! I can't complain -under 9 per mile is fine with me, especially with a second half as hilly as that. It was my first 10k, and I think that's a respectable start, but still soft enough a pb for me to beat in my next 10k. And my McMillan equivalent keeps going down (I think), so I'm still hoping for that sub-4 marathon.
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RayCun 18:44 20-04-2010
5.51 miles in 1.06.30 - 12.04 pace

I was a little unsure about even going out today - my right knee was still a bit stiff, and the muscles in my thighs - but I'm falling behind on the 1000 mile challenge :) Plus I had all my running gear in work with me, so...

Very slow run home today, didn't know I could even run that slowly. But I feel fine after it, like I could have gone on for another few miles with no problem. Legs are more tired but less sore than earlier. Which is nice.
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RayCun 21:30 22-04-2010
5.4 miles in 58.15 - 10.48 pace

That was my toughest run in a while - sore shins for the first couple of miles and legs tired all the way home. It was supposed to be a low run anyway, but I don't think I could have gone much faster...
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littlebug 21:41 22-04-2010 (1 Thanks)
It's only been a few days Raycun*. You'll get there. It took me a 2 weeks (and a sports massage) to get back to normal after a 10 mile race. Are you icing the shins?

(*besides I like reading about other people running as slow as me:p)
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RayCun 08:47 23-04-2010
Originally Posted by littlebug:
Are you icing the shins?
My brother is a much more serious runner than me, and the first time I mentioned sore legs after a run he started talking about ice baths - I thought he was kidding.
My shins are funny, I often get that kind of pain in them when I'm walking, but that's the first time I've got it from running. If I get it again in my next run I'll try the frozen peas...
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RayCun 17:09 24-04-2010
4.1 miles in 42.08 minutes

Another slow, tired run. Getting a little better though.
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RayCun 09:29 25-04-2010
2.3 miles in 22.48 - 9.50 pace

Another slow run, felt tired immediately. Went a different route today, up to a local park, just to see what it was like and how long it would take. Luckily it was short...
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RayCun 19:02 27-04-2010
5.37 miles in 54.03 - 10.05 pace

That was much better. A little cramp around the 2 mile mark, but it went away, and I didn't feel I was dragging myself all the way around.
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RayCun 11:07 29-04-2010
7.1 miles in 1.07.49 - 9.33 pace

Up to Tymon Park, around and back. I realised halfway around that this would be my longest run yet, in time and distance, and I'm pretty happy with it. No cramps, just the usual aches and pains, and I could have gone on for another mile if I'd wanted to. I still don't think I'm completely recovered from the Great Ireland Run, I'm not running as easily as I was the week before it, but I'm almost back (and I didn't stop running to recover, which I'm happy with)

Off to Spain now for some warm-weather training...
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RayCun 12:04 12-05-2010
9 runs x 3 miles - about 28/29 minutes each

Not going to enter details for all of them! On holiday with the in-laws in Spain. The original plan was to run every morning, but after a few days I needed a break, so I did 3 on 1 off for the 12 days. It was quite warm, even at 9/10 am, and the route was almost all hills, so I took it easy...
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RayCun 20:35 12-05-2010
4.5 miles in 41.40 - 9.16/mile pace
(more or less, Garmin was home, out of charge)

Very happy with that because it was an easy run home on a route I haven't done for 6 weeks or so. I didn't push myself at all but I think it's the fastest I've run it. Plus that's marginally faster pace than I ran in the Raheny 5, so I should be able to take quite a lot off my PB on Sunday.
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menoscemo 22:17 12-05-2010
Originally Posted by RayCun:
4.5 miles in 41.40 - 9.16/mile pace
(more or less, Garmin was home, out of charge)

Very happy with that because it was an easy run home on a route I haven't done for 6 weeks or so. I didn't push myself at all but I think it's the fastest I've run it. Plus that's marginally faster pace than I ran in the Raheny 5, so I should be able to take quite a lot off my PB on Sunday.
Are you doing the sportsworld on sunday as well? See you there.
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