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Television (General)>Even more adverts you despise
The Gopher 23:03 13-04-2003
Must be at least a week since we last discussed them.I have spare time on my hands so I will kick off......
I am partly influenced to rant by the new godawful food hygiene ads.People with their faces blurred talk about how they got food poisoning.Is food poisoning something you ought to be ashamed of?I got gandhis revenge for a few days once from a bad burger bun at a local sham- hang- out -cum -takeaway(that I still go to,more fool me:D ).But I am not ashamed of it-much like waiting in hospitals for hours,it annoys you but at least it gives you something to rant about.Whats with the blurred faces?These people go on tv blurred and you think Poor guys,probably on some ad about sex abuse,being victims of crime or something similiar.But no,they are talking about food poisoning:confused:
The Nike stickman ads are beginning to really bore me.Maybe its just that I never liked Nike ads much anyway because of their whole Man U arse kissing thing.
The Halifax one where the cartoon guy sings Who Gives You Extra.
The shampoo or bubblebath ad which ends with the fat woman in the bath singing badly.
The Irish ad with the angry looking old lawyer with the moustache trying to entice shams to lodge nuisance claims on a no win no fee basis.
Tampon ads.Nuff said.
The ad for carloans(or is it insurance)where the people ask a question and a girl in a mechanic suit keeps anwsering"Yes,you could!".Happens about 5 fcuking times at least!
The one for those roll up Mexican bread thingys(I think it is El Paso tacos or something)where the guy is making them and thewoman is on the phone to her friend complaining that he will make a crap job of it.Id ****in piss in the food to really give her cause to complain.
Im not sure if they still show it but Sky News used to have this ad for an irish sex chat service with possibly the most boring voice heaard on tv since that priest with Father Ted who also managed to get lost in Irelands largest lingerie department.A girl,making about as much effort as a councilman,would say"Sexchat,Irelands newest and most exciting adult chat service.Chat,date and text.....".It sounded like it was being said by a nun who had a gun out to her head in order to make her read the script.
And has anybody seen the Pele viagra ads recently?:D You will never see them anywhere except on low on funds satellite channels in the wee hours,but it is the stuff of Tarrant on TV.Pele talks as if he is struggling to read an autocue about how he and the guys never discussed impotence after a game.Which is funny,as when I played after a match the first thing we would talk about was whether we had any impotence concerns.We talked about it for about 5 minutes before we would even comment on the gameplay and how we had played.
OK,unless the sarcasm detectors are broken you can see this is bollix,but WTF is he talking about??!!?
"Get advice,I would"
Hmmm,I advise you to get a new agent who might get you a football punditry job rather than making yourself look like a tool(pardon the pun) by selling sex drugs on late night telly.Next we will have Saddam trying to make a George Foreman style comeback with his own exclusive line
"In 1988 I killed 5000 Kurds with it.And at last in 2003,you can kill up to 5000 woodworm/termites/fleas/whatever with Saddam Husseins patented gas in a can!"
Im sure the execs are trying harder than the CIA to find him first.

Edit-99% of sponsorship ads annoy the head off me.They are ALL crap!The guy putting on the rehab voice in the smarties simpsons sponsorship ads really pisses me off.And the Coronation Street Cadburys one where the guy uses a pile of French in order to make his egg and chips sound more upmarket.The only funny sponsorship ad I can recall is the Sopranos Miller ads
"Do I wanna notha Milla?Course I wanna notha Milla ya fukin gamoosh!"
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Mr E 23:15 13-04-2003
Originally Posted by :
par·a·graph n.

1. A distinct division of written or printed matter that begins on a new, usually indented line, consists of one or more sentences, and typically deals with a single thought or topic or quotes one speaker's continuous words.

tr.v. par·a·graphed, par·a·graph·ing, par·a·graphs
To divide or arrange into paragraphs.
OK... lets see... I disagree with you about the Nike ads - they're pretty cool. Nike have always come up pretty cool ideas for ads, and the stick man is no exception.

I pretty much agree with all the others, though (apart from the tampon ad with the really cute girl decorating her flat....) :)

- Dave.
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Elmo 23:18 13-04-2003

Need I say more.
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Elmo 23:21 13-04-2003
Originally Posted by :
Tampon ads.Nuff said.

I don't have a problem with tampon Ads, however most are s h i t.
Also shaving cream for women are s h i t ads.
But then could you come up for a good way to advertise tampons or shaving cream for women. Actually most adds aimed at women are crap.
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Turner 01:39 14-04-2003
The add where the young fella lets his robot toy fall off the table and then starts crying so his mother will give him some ice cream. Really gets on my nerves.
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artvandelay 10:31 14-04-2003
That cancer ad "Wrap up warm dear". Something disturbing about that ad. We all know how bad cancer is so do we have to reminded?
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Woden 10:43 14-04-2003
That specific tampon ad in which the girl says to a girl "Sugar, Aren't you meant to be on a diet?" really pisses me off and i wish some how he would just open the pack and embarass here for emptying her stupid tampon filled bag out onto the table in the first place. that and the bloody voiceover.
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MAC_E 10:48 14-04-2003
The new ad for the food safety board where they have this lady at a sink talking about killing her young rory or something by not cleaning her work surfaces of germs.

Its a bit strange and not very good, to make it worse they have her face distorted to hide her identity, but its obviously an actor... so whats the point for it.
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SprostonGreen 11:41 14-04-2003
Dairylea lunchables - annoying.

That said I find Radio ads make me want to go on shooting spree.
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Tom 12:23 14-04-2003
Any ad that tries to get people already heavily in debt to take out more loans over a longer period of time and end up spending twice as much.

These really get on my nerves especially the satisfied customers who could not get money elsewhere, even from the local loanshark who charges 90% interest and believes in kneecapping instead of debt collection agencies.

Debt to pay off debt, what a great idea......
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Mercury_Tilt 13:26 14-04-2003
This post has been deleted.
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ferdi 13:37 14-04-2003
that totally $hite Denon ad with the 2 irish girls:

eejit#1: rough day

eejit#2: shattered

the acting is so bollix that it makes me want to vomit every time.

infact all Denon ads are criminal.
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woosaysdan 16:15 14-04-2003
dat ad bout drinking too much! what a waste of beer or the ad that are dubbed badly!!! they really annoy me
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Spunog UIE 21:37 14-04-2003
the brennans bread ad with the blind one asking is it fresh. just didn't like it. JUST CHECKING grrr

i see they've cut out that bit where she grabs his ass so its even worse, makes no sense at all.

just get a new ad why do ya's keep showing it, you fools.
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Elmo 00:23 15-04-2003
Originally Posted by :
that totally $hite Denon ad with the 2 irish girls:
"Come on we're going to late." That final sentence keeps going round and round in my head, Its the way she says it, annoying as hell.
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